French University Championship Metz 8 februar 2024.


Why ?

“The 400 meters indoor is engaged in winning its capital ornemental letters.” (Jean Jacques Behm French International and “brain” of the 400m hurdles outdoor),
Jean-Georges SARKADI explain why :

  1. Omission
    The runners of 400 m hurdles have the possibility to show their talent during the winter season.
  2. Spectacle
    This run is the most spectacular run of athletics. All the videos prove it.
  3. Adaptability
    After the virage on 4 H indoor, no reflexion but only instinct to do the good choice ( good leg or not). A good work for the summer.
  4. Open
    The variants of this race, 200 m hurdles indoor (six hurdles / 91 cm / no change lane) and 600 m hurdles ( twelves hurdles / 84 cm) are attractive for sprinters from 110 m and 800 m.
"The 4h indoor is not the twin brother of the 4h summer but 
especially his cousin and teammate."

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